Brackish cycles began from a mix of a few factors. An inability to settle on mass produced bikes, an inability to truly fit mass produced bikes, and being an obsessive tinkerer. Austin Garner had been a bike mechanic for 5 years with certifications such as all of the Shimano S-Tec certifications they offer and level 2 Specialized Bicycle Component University in mechanics. The idea to build his own frames sprouted after riding from Cumberland to D.C. along the entirety of the C&O Canal in one day. He quickly realized his fit requirements did not match what he was expecting from his bike at the time. With that, he started from scratch, being fit to a bike with no preset dimensions. This was the very first Brackish Clay. He never planned on building frames for anyone else but Brackish seemingly built itself as the tasks and requests popped up on their own. The "next thing" was simply a requirement and less of a checklist. Those things haven't stopped popping up since.